Pick the Right Size Area Rug For Your Room

Not sure how to pick the right size area rug for your room? There is not a room in your home that would not benefit from an area rug, but they are really nice in the bedroom. If your room has hard floors, an area rug will absorb sound, stabilize temperature and make it easier to get out of bed on those early mornings by giving you a soft landing pad. A carpeted bedroom can have a layered area rug right on top. Add some extra color, texture, and pattern to your space! Determining the right size is the most confusing aspect – do you need an 8×10? A 6×9? Should the bed be on the rug or off? Is a small rug ever a good choice? Luckily, answering these questions isn’t difficult once you know the basics. Read our AREA RUG SIZING GUIDE for more details on which size rug to use where. Or if you need help determining what size rug you need to check our Guide To Standard Rug Sizing.

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