Rug Pads

Rug Pads, A Must or Not So Much?

We believe in the rug pads that we carry as they do more for you than just hold your area rug in place. Rug pads provide a cushion for not just the person walking on the area rug, but cushion for the fibers within the area rug. Instead of a foot crushing the fibers into a hard surface, the fibers are pushed down into the pad giving protection to the rug fibers.

Some believe that if your furniture anchors your area rug that you don’t need an area rug pad. Why would you need a rug pad if your couch is sitting on top of the area rug? Technically when you think of a rug pad for just rug movement use than no, you wouldn’t really need one, but what happens when you spill something onto that beautiful area rug? You just clean up the spill right? Hmmm, what happens to the liquid that went through your area rug and is now sitting on top of your hardwood flooring beneath the area rug? Since you didn’t use a rug pad you first have to move the furniture off the rug to address the problem to really clean up the entire spill. With a full coverage rug pad, like our sure grip pad, you are covered. The sure grip rug pad has a fiber top and then a full rubber bottom. This padding fully protects you from the dirt, dust, and spills that all happen.

Here at Carpet & Tile mart we offer three types of rug padding for our area rugs. Our first option for rug pads is the basic ivory waffle pad. This padding is an affordable option to help keep your area rug from moving around. The ivory waffle pad is also super easy to cut to any custom size you need as it is made of a foam type material.

The next option of area rug pad that we have is the fiber rug pad. If you have a rug under a bed and just need some extra cushion for the rug this is a great option. Remember, adding the rug pad helps maintain the area rug that you have as each time you walk on the area rug you are crushing those area rug fibers.

Lastly we have the sure grip area rug padding. This is hands down one of our most recommended rug pads. This pad does the job of protecting your area rugs and also protecting the floor beneath the area rugs from anything that may happen on the rug. As mentioned above, sure grip rug padding really can give you some peace of mind when it comes to all your flooring.

What do you think? Pad or no pad? We think that the answer is clear – rug pad all the way!