DIY Tigerwood Hardwood Headboard Project

Here is a look into the creation of a tigerwood headboard by one of our Carpet & Tile Mart employees.  Such a nice step-by-step guide to the creation.


A couple of years ago, my husband and I tackled a DIY Hardwood Headboard Project. Working for a flooring retailer does have its benefits, as I was able to purchase the last two cartons of this solid Brazilian Tigerwood that was on clearance.  I designed and, together with my husband, built this gorgeous chevron headboard for less than $250 materials cost.






To start, I marked an 8’ x 4’ space on the floor of our sunroom so I could map out the layout of the headboard and choose the best pieces of the flooring for the headboard. Yes, I do have a thing for chevrons, why do you ask?




Mock-layout completed!





We started installing the boards on a ½” plywood base by using wood glue as well as a nail gun; we definitely did not want pieces of the hardwood to fall on us during the middle of the night.  At this point, we also realized that I must have read 80” instead of 8’ on the tape measure when measuring my template for layout and we may run short on the product; oops!




Our project manager on duty. Where were you when I was measuring the mock-layout?





The Hardwood Headboard Project project is almost complete! We managed to make the project work even though I miss-measured.



Here is the straight edge that my husband rigged up to trim the edges of the headboard.



It’s trimmed and completed! Now for the hard work of moving this sucker. It was sooo heavy!




Obligatory glamour-shot.



All installed and ready to go!



We loved watching this piece get created and seeing the final design installed!  What do you think?  Have you ever used flooring to create a focal point within your space?

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