Karastan Manifesto and Titanium Collections

The Karastan Manifesto and Titanium collections are two wool collections that continue to be some of the most popular rugs within the Karastan line.  There is a reason that these two collections, both released in 2016 continue to be favorites from the brand. Durability and timeless style are two of the top reasons that we continue to see the popularity grow. 


The first of the two collections is Manifesto.  The Manifesto Collection was introduced in 2016 by Karastan and sets a new standard in design, fashion and innovation.  Created by the American design team, Manifesto rugs floor you with a soft color palette of creams, charcoals and neutral colors with accents of tobacco, rosewood, and sea glass. These rugs are finely cross woven in the USA of a Premium New Zealand wool on a cotton warps exposed as a short contemporary fringe.  Manifesto rug would surely be an elegant foundation for any discriminating room setting.


Here are a couple of our favorite rugs from the collection:

Karastan Manifesto Contralto Ivory 38861-17004 Area Rug


Karastan Manifesto Soprano Charcoal 38861-17002 Area Rug


You can check out the full Manifesto collection here.



Titanium is the second line that was also introduced in 2016. It has been seen as one of their most innovative collections.  The striking combination of a modern American color palette combined with classic traditional designs toned down by an artificially distressed vintage appearance creates an unmistakable signature Karastan look.  Titanium rugs are power woven on the newest Van De Wiele high speed looms in Eden, NC. They utilize premium Worsted New Zealand wool with subtle Viscose highlights to ensure longevity and durability.  Most love the Titanium rugs for their understated beauty and value.  These rugs are made with the same New Zealand Wool as the Manifesto collection, however, Karastan has added shimmery highlights with the addition of a viscose fiber, which is a synthetic silk and reflects light so the rugs seem to sparkle in the light.  Here is a look at some of our favorite picks from the collection:


Karastan Titanium Andeols Seaglass 39400-16003 Area Rug
Karastan Titanium Sans Pareil Ivory 39400-16012 Area Rug
You can check out the full Titanium collection here.

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