Dalyn Nebula NB8 Opal Area Rug

Colorful Area Rugs

Have you seen the Nebula Collection from the Dalyn Rug Company? This collection is a beautiful collection filled with bright colors with modern and abstract styling.

Dalyn Nebula NB4 Celebration Area Rug

Another unique feature of the area rug collection is that they are all non-skid with the back already having the non-skid piece applied.

 Dalyn Nebula NB2 Magenta Area Rug

The profile of the Nebula Collection is minimal with only a 2mm pile height.

 Dalyn Nebula NB5 Orchid Area Rug

With over 12 design options, you are sure to find an area rug that works for your living space. You can shop this collection online or in any of our 14 store locations.