Teacher Appreciation Free Rug Giveaway

Each year our company, Airbase Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart, looks for ways to give back to our local communities.  We are very excited that we can once again honor our local teachers this year with a back-to-school “Teacher Appreciation FREE Rug Giveaway”.  We will provide a FREE classroom area rug to the first 50 teachers who visit one of the chain’s Flooring Superstores on Saturday, August 24th 2019 beginning at 8am.

“We appreciate the incredible value teachers bring to each of our local communities and are grateful for the contribution they tirelessly make, day in and day out, to educate and shape our future neighbors and community members,” said Michael Longwill, Airbase Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart President, and 3rd generation Owner/Operator of the family owned company. “We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to give back to these classroom heroes through our Free Rug Giveaway, just in time for the back-to-school season.

To receive a FREE rug, teachers, must appear in person between 8AM and 10AM (or while supplies last) on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at any of the 12 Airbase Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart Flooring Superstore locations and present a valid teacher ID. Rugs to be given away are large size, quality rugs and will be limited to a maximum of 50 per store location. They will vary by color, style and size, from approximately 6’x9’ to 9’x12’; with retail values up to $200 per rug. There is no purchase necessary to qualify for a FREE Rug.

As with our event last year, you must take the rug with you so please make sure you have the means to take your offer away. Here is a look at last years event throughout all of our locations. We look forward to meeting all of the teachers that are able to make it out on Saturday, August 24, 2019 between 8AM – 10AM.

Here are a couple of classroom photos that the teachers who received rugs sent to us. We are so happy to be able to help and provide for them!

43 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Free Rug Giveaway

  1. What a nice gift to the teacher who wins this giveaway! Thanks for doing great things for those who need it!

  2. This is awesome. I am in need of a new carpet for my classroom and I was stressing about having to buy one. Hopefully I’ll be able to take advantage of your generosity!!

    1. You’re welcome! We are very happy to be able to support our local teachers. We definitely recommend getting here early as the line starts well before our 8am start time.

    1. Hi Renee, unfortunately we are only on the east coast in the states of Pennsylvania & Delaware. We are sorry for the disappointment.

  3. This is so awesome. I don’t have a rug and was worried about having to buy one.

  4. Mrs. Cathy Carbaugh could use a new rug for her kindergarten class she is an awsome teacher she goes out and beyond for her students

  5. So verI generous of you. I hope my daughter and I are able to be recipients! Thanks for giving back to the community, especially teachers!!!!

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you both for everything that you do for the youth in our community!

  6. Would you consider giving a discount to any teachers who can’t make it in time?

    1. Hi – we have some pretty amazing remnant offerings right now with some as low as $29. Definitely check with the store manager of your local store after the event and see what they are able to do for you.

    1. Yes! As long as you have a school district issued teachers ID you are eligible to participate.

  7. Hi! I just saw the post about your
    Teacher give away. Do you have carpet samples (the same rectangles) available? I teach PE & we use them frequently.

    1. We do have small samples/remnants that we sell at most locations normally and they are $.50 each or 3/$1.

  8. Your company is so generous and giving. I am a teacher in Baltimore City, am I eligible to get a rug for my classroom?

    1. Yes! As long as you have a school district issued teachers ID you are eligible to participate.

    1. If you have a state/district issued teachers ID, you are eligible to participate.

    1. Yes! As long as you have a school district issued teachers ID you are eligible to participate.

  9. I live and teach in NJ. Is this limited only to teachers that live and work in PA and Delaware?

    1. As long as you have a school district issued teachers ID you are eligible to participate.

  10. This is wonderful! I will be there in line! Have you ever had to turn down teachers because there are more than the allotted 50?

    1. Hi Tracy, Yes unfortunately we have had to turn some away due to the overwhelming response to the offer. We do recommend getting in line early to make sure that you are able to receive a free rug.

  11. My name is Shy Nelson. I am a Second Grade teacher at Kuumba Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware. I would like to have a new carpet in my room to use during reading time with my Scholars! Thank you in advance for supporting my kiddies!

    1. Hi Shy – Our teacher appreciation event is on Saturday, August 24th. It begins at 8am and we recommend arriving early to secure one of the 50 spots for a free rug. Thank you for everything that you do for the kids!

  12. Hi my name is Mrs. Duncan, I am a Kindergarten teacher, and you know as kindergarten teachers we are always on the floor with our kids. I feel I speak for all teacher across the board, thank you for thanking for the lives that we impacts. I see that the carpet give away is on a Saturday, that so unfortunate for me and other who religious day is on Saturday and we can not attend because of religious reason. Will you be doing the next day, Sunday, or is it just for that Saturday, no exception?
    If no, exceptions, thank you for thinking of us. There are times we feel others forget that we help form the world … by opening the minds of our children, our future.

    1. Mrs. Duncan, thank you for everything that you do to impact the lives of the children that you teach. Our event is a one day event so we will only have Saturday, August 24th to offer the free rugs to qualifies teachers. We are sorry to hear that you will be unable to make the event. We do appreciate everything that you do.

  13. Does it have to be teachers or do Educational Paraprofessionals count too? I’d love to get a new area rug for our Sensory Room, and the teacher for our Life Skills room would probably want one for our classroom as well…

    1. Hi Joy – As long as you have a school district issued teachers ID you are eligible to participate.

  14. Our district made Teachers take all personal rugs home. It’s a liability. But this is such a great thing that you are doing. 🙂

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